The Art of Finding the Perfect Mattress

People sleep in all kinds of different positions. However, if a person sleeps more in one position than any others, finding the right mattress can be a challenge. This challenge can be met, and with poor nights of sleep and the aches and pains that come from sleeping on the wrong mattress, the challenge is worth meeting.

Types of Sleepers

The thing to remember is that there is no one size fits all mattress. Different types of sleepers require different mattresses and first and foremost, a person will need to determine what type of sleeper they are. During the night, a person may be in various sleeping positions. However, most people fall asleep in a certain position, and even though there is lots of movement during the night, a person will typically wake up in their most favored position. This position will determine the type of sleeper a person is.

Firm and Memory Foam Mattresses

Once the type of sleeper a person is has been determined, then it’s time to consider what type of mattress works the best. For back sleepers, a more firm mattress works extremely well. Something like a firm mattress or even a memory foam mattress offers the support needed to give a back sleeper a good night of sleep without waking up with significant back pain.

Plush and Super Plush

For side sleepers, which account for the way most people sleep and even for stomach sleepers, a softer mattress might work. There are varying degrees of plush mattresses. Some are standard plush mattresses and others are super plush. Which one is chosen will have a lot to do with a person’s weight and just how significant the lack of sleep and the pain a person wakes up with is.

The type of mattress you choose from a cost standpoint will largely be dictated by how much you can afford to spend. You can find a discount mattress or you can find a firm, plush or super plush mattress for thousands of dollars. In any event, you should have no problem finding the right mattress to give you be best nights sleep you’ve had in a long time. To learn more about the best type of mattress for you, you may want to check out this website.