Sampling Caribbean Foods While Traveling for Business to Cane Bay

As the owner of a small company plans for a trip to St. Croix that combines business and pleasure, this person probably wants to make reservations at a hotel or resort ahead of time. It may be fun to choose a few restaurants to try while there. While working with management consultant David Johnson Cane Bay will be home base for a while. Consulting firm Cane Bay Partners can provide assistance in a broad range of business administration concerns.

Fresh Seafood

If this man or woman enjoys sampling local cuisine while traveling, opportunities to eat delicious Caribbean food are abundant. Various types of seafood will be obvious choices, since fresh fish, lobster, crab and other delectable items are available throughout the Virgin Islands. Fish soup, chowder and stew are all prevalent throughout the islands.

Unusual Meat Choices

One Caribbean dish many U.S. residents have never tried is oxtail stew or roasted goat meat. The locals like to mix meat and other ingredients into a rich pate and have that as an appetizer or a main course. Tourists shouldn’t be surprised to find curried goat on a menu.

Sauces and Flavors

Because of India influences, curry sauces are popular, and they are likely to taste different than people are accustomed to in their local restaurants featuring Indian cuisine. A unique barbecue treatment can be tasted with chicken or fish jerky.

Local Vegetables and Fruits

Some of the vegetables, fruits and other plant foods grown in the Caribbean are similar to those grown on most of the U.S. mainland, but tourists can find more unusual versions. Cassava and plantains are examples. Fresh pomegranate, passion fruit and sea grapes may be available. At some point, sampling local sweet treats should be included in the experiences. Fruit tarts, sweet rolls and cookies might feature guava, pineapple or coconut.

Regional Beer

As for local beverages, a small brewery on the island of St. Croix produces craft beer that the business traveler can try if he or she likes beer. Other Caribbean breweries are represented at various pubs and restaurants around the island. Flavors of mango and coconut can be expected.