Simple steps to a wonderfully organised garage

Organising your garage may be a big job, but it is definitely worth it. After all, having a garage and not being able to use it to its full potential is pointless.

Although summer is the best time to do this and winter is just around the corner, you can chip away at certain jobs and leave the big ones for summer. But here are a few simple steps to help you completely transform your garage in to an amazingly organised paradise for you and your family.

Decide its function

The first step is actually recognising what the space in your garage will be used for – will it be used a storage unit for unwanted and unused items? Or maybe you will convert it in to something such as a man cave or a home office?

It’s extremely important that you identify your garage’s function, so you can organise it specifically for its use. This allows you to plan where everything is going to go by allocating each object and piece of equipment its own area.

If you’re considering a garage conversion, click here for an article written by Dencroft Garages, giving you a few alternative uses for your space.

Make some room

Start off by clearing objects from your floor and moving them in to the corners, creating more space which will help when you are dragging things from one end of the garage to the other. Not only does this space give you more room to manoeuvre, but the feeling of space is good for your head.

Now, it’s time to declutter. Pull items in to the free floor space or on to the drive and decide which pile they are going in – keep, charity, sell or bin. Use bin bags, boxes and bins to help keep the space clean and organised.

Start organising

When looking through the items you have decided to keep, you will see natural groups emerge – camping equipment, kids’ sporting equipment, gardening tools etc.

Assign each group a specific part of the garage, whilst keeping in mind how often you will use each item. There is no point in putting frequently used items stored away in the corner, and having items you barely use easily accessible.

As you go along, you will start to realise the amount and type of storage you might need. But if you’re stuck, here are a list of genius ways to organise your garage.

Good lighting

One thing a lot of garages lack is good lighting, which is key to not only organisation, but generic health and safety too. If your garage doesn’t have any form of lighting, the chance of you falling and injuring yourself is a lot higher compared to if you had a good source of lighting.

Lighting is also key to organisation and the general cleanliness of your garage, after all, you can’t see what you’re doing or whether something needs cleaning if you don’t have good lighting.