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ADONIS Beauty Services

Facial Plastic Surgery

Your face’s beauty and freshness are one of the main calling cards in society. With proper approach to medical assistance and care, you will achieve the best results and effects which improve your health (both physical and moral) and make you feel the whole beauty of yourself.

ADONIS Beauty and Facial plastic surgery procedures are the highest quality treatment under the total control of skilled professionals of the field.

ADONIS Beauty Department provides a wide variety of offers for the qualitative improvements of aspects related with face, body, breast, dentistry and hair.

We ensure the best Reconstructive (tissues and organs defects and deformations, their functions restore) and Aesthetic (appearance improving according to the client’s request) Plastic Surgeries.

ADONIS qualification is indisputable for the range of facts: 

  •  We follow exceptional quality standards during the whole treatment processes to ensure the safety for each client.
  • We have the most experienced and innovative team of doctors in Ukraine which develop the best treatment plans for great results.
  • We use the latest technological equipment to make your beautiful changes as painless as possible without problematic rehabilitation stage
  • We provide personalized approach to each patient in the area of diagnosis, treatment, post-surgery and rehabilitation stage to provide the highest level of confidence
  • We ensure the list of non-medical services which include personal coordination, informational support, legal help, translation and notarization services, transfer and accommodation help, etc.

ADONIS Medical Group of Companies is approved by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine with all certifications and accreditations.

Our clinics of worldwide quality level provide the most affordable help for patients who want to change their lives with a stable and verified medical establishment – ADONIS is such a great choice.

Technological basis in one place

ADONIS clinics make every effort to ensure the comfort and safety of the clients. The whole cycle of treatment is carried out on our own basis:

  • A thorough diagnosis before the start of the treatment in ADONIS ‘own laboratory is the best way for proper changes to begin.
  • ADONIS ‘own staff of anesthesiologists care about your well-being – the personal consultation will give the full picture about your case history and personal intolerances to exclude negative effects of the anesthesia.
  • The latest innovations in the area of Beauty surgeries – the worldwide experience is work for you.
  • Professional lead-up even after discharge is ensured by ADONIS skilled specialists to make your rehabilitation effective and pleasant.

Briefly speaking, ADONIS Beauty and Facial plastic surgery Department means:

  • 12 doctors-surgeons to make you even more beautiful
  • well-developed treatment plans to achieve excellence
  • ensured safety for each patient
  • safe anesthesia controlled by the experienced anesthetist
  •  wide range of examinations before and after surgery to ensure your full recovery on ADONIS own basis
  • doctors’ selection and personal consultations
  • ongoing care and support on the way of treating
  • doctors’ follow-up during 1 year after surgery

ADONIS Plastic Surgery for Facial Beauty means quality, effectiveness and total care in the most pleasant walls of our clinics.

Changes and new experiences await you in ADONIS Beauty and Facial plastic surgery – we emphasize your natural beauty and realize your inner potential. Reveal your beautiful personality with special services from ADONIS Beauty Department.